Why Your Company Should Start Converting Their PowerPoint Slides To Video | A Study


Project Case Study: Converting PowerPoint Slides To Video


One of our clients, a large company with an international workforce was looking for a cost-effective and engaging answer to delivering their end of year review.


130 slide PowerPoint presentation.

Various videos.


A 130 slide PowerPoint presentation can be very long and dry – the phrase ‘death by PowerPoint’ springs to mind.

A world-wide workforce will need to see the presentation.

In today’s financial climate the solution must be cost-effective.

The company required the completed video in under two weeks.

Why Your Company Should Start Converting Their PowerPoint Slides To Video

Reasons Why Your Company Should Start Converting Their PowerPoint Slides To Video…

We were approached by our client in the second half of December. Liaising with both their US and UK teams we had discussed the project parameters in order to find the best solution for their needs. We recommended converting their existing PowerPoint slides into a video which is something we've done for many other clients. Even taking out the issue of international delivery, converting a PowerPoint presentation into a video is a great idea for many reasons.

  • The existing slides partnered with movement, voice over and music all work harmoniously to create an exciting, engaging and most importantly memorable video.
  • The process is cost-effective as the work is created using existing assets and all of the editing is done in-house, at Croft TV.
  • No matter who watches the final result the message remains consistent – a video is a video. Alternatively, a presentation’s message can be conveyed differently depending on who is presenting/reading it.
  • The end result does not require a stage, presenter, associated costs or stale biscuits.

As for the international delivery:

  • A video is easily hosted and shared online, so regardless of where an employee is located, as long as they have a working internet connection, they will be able to see the video.
Why Your Company Should Start Converting Their PowerPoint Slides To Video


The brief and assets were sent to us just before Christmas, with a final video required at the start of the New Year. This meant getting a first draft to the client before the Christmas holidays, to ensure there would be enough time after the Christmas break for the client to see the video in its full state and make changes if necessary.

Titles and animations were created using the existing slides and the video clips provided were used to add more interest both visually and as a commentary.

The first draft required a quick turnaround which we were able to deliver days earlier than expected, minimal changes were made and the final version was sent through.

The client enquired if it was possible to host the video privately on a Croft TV network, so they could share the video with their international workforce but at the same time make sure the video would not be seen by anyone unintentionally. Privacy is something we take very seriously here and so we made sure the video was both private and secured with a password.


The client was very happy with the final video – all deadlines were met and the final video received over 800 views in 15 countries, all in one week!

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