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Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video

Explainer Videos have been used since 2007 when one was created to explain a little known social networking website called Twitter. Ever heard of it?! The video drove them forward at a tremendous pace, as it did for Dropbox. Since then the popularity of this style of video has been growing and growing. Now Explainer Videos are used by all the giants – I mean… it’s used by Google! Need I say more?

They have been proven to increase interest, increase traffic on your webpage and increase sales conversations. In fact, a company named 'Crazy Egg' added an Explainer Video to their website and their conversations increased by 64%. A study by 'Internet Retailer' also found customers were 85% more likely to buy a product if they had seen an Explainer Video about it.


Just in case you find yourself asking…

“Just what are Explainer Videos exactly?”

Here’s some information to help you catch up!


What is an Explainer Video?

An Explainer Video is exactly what it sounds like – a video whose main intention is to explain something such as a business idea, a new app, a service or anything at all really. The message is presented in a fun, engaging and best of all, simple style. No matter how complex your story/pitch/product idea or service description is, Explainer Videos have the ability of boiling down long, difficult to understand ideas into a humorous, light-hearted and easy to follow animation.

View our targeted Explainer Video below to see what we mean!

Explainer Video - Health and Safety

Explainer Video - Health and Safety

As you can see from the above example the animation style is fun, the message is clear and most importantly the message is memorable.


Now anyone can make an Explainer Video, but not just anyone can make a great Explainer Video and a sub-par Explainer Video is not going to succeed in its mission.


So what exactly makes a great Explainer Video?

- A well-written script.

- A professional voice over artist.

- Keeping it brief.

- Adding some humour.

- Quirky visuals are always a plus.

- A complimentary music track.

There is a real art to the production; this is why we recommend seeking out a professional team who know exactly what they are doing.


Well then, who makes a great Explainer Video?

So you’ve probably Googled 'Explainer Videos UK' already and seen over 800,000 results. Intimidating to say the least… Well we are here to tell you to stop looking. We have the perfect team to create a completely personalised Explainer Video for your product, service, business or company that will get YOU noticed. From the conception of the project to its completion, we will work with you every step of the way to create a video that perfectly “explains” your message.


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- The Croft TV Team


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