“Video Production Berkshire” or “Video Production London”?


Beautiful isn't it?


You want to create a video for your business or company, so you Google “Video Production London”.  You hit enter and BOOM, you’re faced with endless lists of London agencies. However, have you considered broadening your search to surrounding counties such as Video Production Berkshire? You will find plenty of video production companies within a stone’s throw of London without that ‘big city’ price.


We get a lot of questions related to this topic so we have decided to share a few with you…

Why would a video produced outside of London necessarily be more cost-effective?

I’m sure you can imagine that running a company or business from London can be very expensive, thus a London based company will look to pass these costs on. We are based just 25 miles outside of London, by comparison this means that our overheads are considerably lower,  which in turn is a saving that is passed on to you. It also gives us a prime location as we are close enough to London for convenience, but far enough away that you won’t pay that London price tag and... just 25 minutes from Heathrow.

It’s also worth mentioning that our price is fixed, the price we quote at the beginning of the job will be the same once you have the completed article. We do not inflate the price for changes or meetings. We are happy when you are, meaning the video is finished when you say so.

How does the quality of a Berkshire video production compare to a London based company?

It is a common misconception that using a London based video production company means you will be getting a higher standard of video. Here at Croft TV, we pride ourselves on our production quality. In comparison to a London based agency we use the same film and editing equipment, the same audio equipment, we have the same expertise and our track record is spectacular, with over 30 years experience of working with some of the biggest companies in the UK!

Aren’t all film studios located in London?

That’s simply not true. We use an array of excellent studio locations inside and outside of London all with great transport links. From 360 green screens, white coves and lifestyle studios in which any set you like can be built.

Are you still able to work with us in London?

Of course we can! We are not limited to Berkshire, we are not limited to England, we are not even limited to the United Kingdom! We can (and have) filmed in all corners of the UK and abroad and are very happy to go where you need us!

So as you can see it is possible to get high quality video production outside of London, with many advantages you may not have thought about. Try "Video Production Berkshire" today or any other area you would like to work in. If you do search "Video Production Berkshire" though, look for Croft TV - we would love to work with you on your next project!


- The Croft TV Team

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