LinkedIn Video Ads: Everything your company needs to know


LinkedIn have recently began advertising their ‘Video Ads’ service, which allows you to create tailored video ad campaigns that can be inserted into LinkedIn’s feed as ‘Sponsored Content.’

The main benefit of using LinkedIn for this over any other social media platform is that LinkedIn is specifically built for businesses and professionals and is the go-to social media platform for B2B networking. So if you advertise there you can be assured that your video will be seen by a specific audience.

You can take this one step further with LinkedIn’s targeting tools, which allow you to choose exactly who will see your video by using LinkedIn’s targeting filters. These filters include company name, industry, job title, job function, as well as many more.

The campaigns are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to customise the exact amount of money you want to spend each time you run one. Basically, the more money you have in your budget, the more eyes that will see your campaign. Though, that is not to say there is no value in a less expensive campaign, this can allow you to test how effective your ads can be quite cheaply and makes for a low barrier to entry for smaller businesses that may not have much of a budget for marketing.

Other benefits of running a ‘LinkedIn Video Ads’ campaign include:

Building brand awareness

Making sure consumers and/or future employees are aware of your brand and what you do is important and staying in the forefront of people’s minds is no easy task.

Video is one of the best if not the best tool marketers have at their disposal to achieve this and using video partnered with LinkedIn’s audience targeting is a perfect match.

Collect leads

Partnering your video ads with LinkedIn’s smart Lead Gen Forms will allow you to collect detailed and accurate information on your leads instantly.

Prove your video ROI

Once your videos go live you will gain access to LinkedIn’s detailed Engagement Metrics which will allow you to track how effective your campaign has been.

These metrics will show how many people viewed your video, up to what point they finished watching, how many leads on LinkedIn your video translated to, how many people clicked through to your website and much more.

LinkedIn also offer an Insight Tag which can be installed on your website and will continue to track leads and conversions that originated from your LinkedIn advertisement.


If you would like to try a 'LinkedIn Video Ads' campaign yourself and need a video contact us today! With over 30 years experience our expert team will talk you through the process free of charge and can answer any questions you may have.