Corporate Video Production Update – Summer 2017


Corporate Video Production Update - Summer 2017

Summer is over, but we have enjoyed every minute of the 5 warm days that the season gave us. Our work load certainly heated up with a wide variety of projects including shoots that had us showered in sparks, 100+ web banners to create, 12 language translations for an instructional programme and much more!

Let’s begin with the sparks…

We were off to the Midlands to shoot industrial-style product demonstrations for a client which included a one camera set-up, a grinder and some tight close-ups, which as you can imagine, showered us in sparks - luckily we are always well prepared for any eventuality! It was a fun shoot to work on; we ended up with some great footage and one happy client.

The summer also saw us inundated with foreign language voice overs, which had us dipping into our international voice over database, from a Brazilian-Portuguese translation for an international defence company to a 12 language programme for an instructional product demonstration. However, it didn’t end there, as the dozen translations were nearing completion, our client gave us another 18! It's a really nice feeling to have a video you've created displayed in so many countries.

Now, when you think of us, I bet you don’t think of web banners, but YES we do make them! In fact we were recently commissioned to make 126, using assets we had created earlier this year for a health and safety explainer video. This is where we really shine, we can take a project (like this one) from its birth - writing the script, storyboarding, animating and delivering the final video right through to creating web banners to advertise the project itself.

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Another service that people don’t often realise we can provide is illustrations. We work alongside our clients to create illustrations for posters, leaflets and other promotional and instructional materials. Currently we are in the process of creating illustrations using our in-house artist for an informational medical leaflet to be handed out to patients.

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We have had lots of posters to print which has kept us very busy. Once again we provide the full service from proofing, laminating, through to delivery - some of which were required on a same day turnaround!

Now imagine while all that work is going on, drifting around the office are the nostalgic tunes of Christmas – that’s right, it’s that time of year again! Time to create in-store Christmas music. I’m not complaining though, I will happily listen to Christmas music, any time of the year. This service entails compiling the music, organising the licensing, creating the duplications of the CD’s and posting them out to stores across the UK.

We have a lot in the pipeline too, including a health and safety video that is taking us to Loughborough, an event video in Madrid, a medical conference in Basel and much more.

Overall we have had a wonderful summer here at Croft Television – bring on the holiday season!

- The Croft TV Team

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