Corporate Video Production Update – September 2016


Corporate Video Production Update - September 2016

Now that the summer holidays are behind us, things seem to be getting even busier here at Croft TV. We’ve organised a whole load of new meetings both at clients’ premises and from our Slough studio and are raring to sink our teeth into these potential new projects.

We’ve had plenty to continue with this month. Our filming work led us back to Atherstone - after some weather issues (thank you English summers) on the last shoot, there were a few establishing shots that we were unable to get. The weather was checked, the day was planned and away we went. The weather surprisingly behaved quite well on the day and we were able to film some beautiful time-lapse shots of the sky and establishing shots of our client’s location. Editing is now well under way and the project will be ready to handover quite soon. 

We also shot and edited two more of our well-loved Illustrated Sketch Animations this month - they will be used to spread information from a marketing and sales perspective of a new initiative a company is pushing, we were asked to duplicate last month's Christmas training video we produced onto USB’s and send it off to hundreds of stores around England and the United Kingdom, our “Dragon’s Den” style, self-filmed, video we began last month was completed well ahead of schedule and so was ready for an event a client was holding and we were off to Bracknell to film an event day. Oh and how could we not mention the dozens of posters that we produced, of various sizes and shapes.

Other than that our in-house recording suite got a real workout with multiple voice overs being recorded. Two for the Illustrated Sketch Animation videos mentioned earlier, a voice over for another Illustrated Push Video and several more for different medical programs.

This month also saw the delivery of our first Illustrated Push Video, here is what the client had to say about it:

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all of your hard work on the video you made for us. It looks fantastic and I am so, so, happy with the outcome. You have been so great to work with, patient and professional. We really enjoyed working with you and look forward to working with you again in the future (if you’ll have us :))”

That’s what it’s all about!

Examples of all video and audio services mentioned can be seen in our Portfolio, by clicking the link in the text or below. A description of each service we offer can also be seen by clicking Services.

Things are shaping to pick up even more on the lead up to Christmas and that’s how we like it, here at Croft TV!


- The Croft TV Team