Corporate Video Production Update – October 2016


Corporate Video Production Update - October 2016

We hope you’ve had a month full of excitement, growth, adventure and not too many frights. We sure have!

The beginning of the month saw us off to Essex to film students at a college in Basildon. Now this is where an experienced crew shines – as the students had never been part of a Piece to Camera before so were obviously quite nervous to begin with. Our talented crew were able to make them feel relaxed, comfortable and secure and in turn achieved the best possible performance. After the shoot we returned to the office, got cracking on the edit and were able to get the completed video to the client on the same day. That’s not unusual either, it’s actually quite common here at Croft TV - we really pride ourselves on our quick turnaround.

The following days saw us transition from filming students to a Piece to Camera of a managing director in Bracknell. Piece to Camera videos are a time-efficient, cost-effective and professional way to report company updates to an employee base. The client once again received their completed video on the same day that it was filmed. They were very happy with this 🙂

A personal favourite of ours here at Croft TV are our Event Day Videos so it was nice to have the pleasure of making another this month. These videos are perfect for really capturing the flavour of an event put on by a client and are great for promotional material. They also really help broaden the reach of a clients’ event, as it allows absentees to view what they missed. The video involved seminars, demonstrations, interviews – it really had it all. There was so much good footage it was actually quite difficult to condense it down to 2 minutes.

This month also saw a dramatic rise in two services we provide…

Health & Safety Videos: Really no surprise here. Health & Safety is an area that is more important than ever before and will continue to be so.

Voice Overs: We really love a Voice Over here at Croft TV so this was fine by us! We got to meet a whole load of new talent from an American Voice artist who laid the narration to an informative video to be shown at an American event, to a South England local who worked with us to create an Articulate Presentation program between live performances on ITVBe. Not to mention our wonderful in-house Voice Over artists who both did an amazing job and would be very disappointed if we forgot to mention them 😉

The rest of the month was jam packed with client meetings, quotes going out, more film and editing work, poster printing, program translations and a very special new project that will be unveiled next month!

All-in-all, a great month - we hope you have enjoyed it just as much as us 🙂


- The Croft TV Team


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