Corporate Video Production Update – March 2017


Corporate Video Production Update - March 2017

Being a video production company based in the UK and servicing all over Europe the notion of Brexit has led to some nervous times. However, we haven’t yet (touch wood) found ourselves feeling any negative impacts, as our clients have been keeping us very busy.

The work has really been quite diverse this month – it has had us creating Concept Videos for new products, recording Voice Overs for Articulate training programmes, adapting and translating an American video to be used in the UK, France, Germany and Spain, 4K editing for a high end Promotional Video to be used in-store, creating a Highlights Video of a facilities management event in Central London and translating a video into Polish for a Health Care company to name a few.

The month kicked off with our video production services being requested in London, Crawley and Weybridge where we filmed mostly Head and Shoulder style videos to be used at a national conference. The same conference also saw us converting a 40 slide presentation into a highly engaging video.

The Health and Safety Explainer Video we created (the very same mentioned in the last update) has been so well received that we have now created it in practically every European language! Not to mention a cut down version of the same video in each of their respective languages.

British Science Week was held this month, for which we created a range of Piece to Camera Videos with the aim of encouraging the next generation of female scientists. The videos were then used to promote an event following the same theme, which we were asked to film and edit into a Flavour of the Day style video. To keep up the momentum of British Science Week the client required the final video of the event the very next day, which we had no problem in delivering.

We were commissioned to create a music CD for in-store use. Yes, we create CD's as well! We source music (of any genre requested), we sort out all of the licensing, we print the artwork then send the CD's to as many stores as necessary all over the UK and beyond. In this case we sent this particular CD to a grand total of 130 stores and the entire job was completed in under 48 hours!

We have also been doing a lot of planning for upcoming shoots, including a Promotional Video in Warwickshire and a Push Animation that we will be filming for a worldwide travel company. Not to mention we've printed huge quantities of posters.

Best of all we have just been commissioned for a very exciting project, the first phase of which involves shooting in two American cities.

Overall we have had a fantastic month - the weather is looking bright and so is life at Croft TV.


- The Croft TV Team

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