August 17, 2016

Corporate Video/Media Production Services – Croft TV


Croft TV - Corporate Video/Media Production Services

From our home in Berkshire, Croft TV services the UK and worldwide with our top quality and affordable corporate video/media production services. Whatever your video production needs, we have the creativity, experience and technical skills to ensure that your visual communications will be informative, motivational, effective and will reflect the high standards which you set yourselves.

Corporate Video Production Berkshire - Croft TV Corporate Video Services


No matter what type of video service you are looking for, we can produce it. From Training videos to TV Commercials, from Promotional Presentations to on-line Virals, from… well, you tell us. Whatever your thoughts and ideas are, with our full in-house resources, experience & know how, we can create your vision.

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Editing_Keyboard


Already have your footage and need it edited together? Here at Croft TV we have the expertise and experience it takes to create exactly what you have in mind. Don’t know exactly what you want? That’s no problem at all! Let our creative team drive the project in consultation with you to create the perfect video that best represents you and your business.

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Storyboards

Script Writing & Storyboarding

At Croft TV, our highly talented team has the experience and know-how to work with you from the conception of your video to its broadcast. So, of course we have a great script writing and storyboard team! Let us help you in all of your script writing and storyboarding requirements for your next video.


Voice Over Recording

Our full in-house audio recording suite is perfect for all of your audio needs. We can source and record any artist, in any language, for any type of programme. From dubbing to narrations, we have the knowledge and equipment to do it all.


Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Promotional_Video_Example


Promotional Videos are ideal for products, services and events. They provide the most eye-catching method of advertising and demonstration. Whether you are promoting upcoming events, showcasing your latest product or opening a new outlet, our talented and experienced team here at Croft TV, has the expertise you need to create the perfect Promotional Video for you.                                                                                                                                                                


Training and Instructional videos are a cost-effective and visually appealing way to train your employees, display your product features and induct people to your site. You can even completely replace a paper manual with an engaging and entertaining series of Training Videos, that will hold your employees' concentration and of course be environmentally friendly. So contact us today and let's get started!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a very popular, modern, video style. They allow a truly conducive learning experience allowing the viewer to fully absorb the video and audio elements in an attempt to explain. They can be used for anything, from promotional videos to medical instructional videos - even just for pure entertainment. Click the link to find out more about Explainer Videos!                   

Illustrated Sketch Videos (Whiteboard Animation)

Illustrated Sketch Videos also known as Whiteboard Animations are ideal for a number of uses. They have the ability to convert very technical, complicated and dry information into nice, simple and entertaining visuals. They are great for replacing Power Point Presentations, training videos and are very popular in the medical world for displaying research information. They can also be tailored to fit your individual needs. Click here or the image to learn more and see an example!

Illustrated Push Videos

Illustrated Push Videos (another type of Whiteboard Animations) serve a lot of the same requirements as the Illustrated Sketch Videos. They have an aesthetically pleasing, modern look and have the ability of taking any type of information and turning it into a visually engaging display. Rest easy knowing your ideas will be taken care of by our highly skilled in-house illustrators and experienced production team. Click here to learn more and see an example!                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Event_Conference_Video_Example


Want more mileage from your event? Event and Conference Videos are an ideal way to capture your day and are great for a number of uses including, extending the audience to absentees, as promotional material and as a good re-cap. In our 30 years in business, we have covered many events and conferences, in many different ways and we know we can tailor a package to suit your needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Infomercial_Video_Example


Infomercials are quick, informative and a great form of promotion for a product, service or business. Whatever you require, we can tailor an Infomercial package to suit you. From concept to the completed project, we can help at every step of the way. Promote your business today with an educational and visually stunning Croft TV Infomercial.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Piece_To_Camera_Video_Example

Piece to Camera

Piece to Camera Videos are versatile. They are heavily used in all types of productions, from documentaries to infomercials and many, many, more. They are also a very handy tool for businesses, whether they are being used as an alternative for a meeting absentee or when a boss needs to address an entire company - they have limitless applications!                                                                                                                                                                                             

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire 3d_animation_Video_Example

3D Animation

3D Animation is great for displaying fine detail on products that may be too small for the camera to do justice to, exploded views to showcase the interior of a product and an example of a product that is still yet to be made. Away from technical electronics it can be used as a great promotional tool. We can take your people or products into any situation, which is only limited by your imagination.                                                                               

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Video_Diary_Video_Example

Video Diaries

Video Diaries are primarily used to show the progress of a specific project over a time period. They are great for keeping your employees, shareholders or even customers updated on an ongoing development within your business or company. We utilise many techniques in our Video Diary production from time-lapse to ‘behind the scenes’ style footage, carefully edited by our technically proficient team to give the best possible result.

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Virtual_Mannequin_Example

Virtual Mannequins

Need to inform customers, guests or visitors? Mannequins are an innovative approach to advertising, promotions and message delivery and are hugely popular in airports, expos and in stores. They work around the clock and your potential customers will love them. Whether directing pedestrian traffic at an event or displaying a range of your latest products, these Mannequins do it all!                                                                                                 

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Health_and_Safety_Video_Example

Health & Safety

When it comes to Health & Safety a business wants their message to be as memorable as possible. At Croft TV, we use our vast experience to produce a video that is engaging, cost-effective and most importantly memorable. Businesses need to be more health & safety conscious than ever before so why not get the best team, to a create a video that fits in perfectly with your high standards.                                                                                      

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire TV_Commercial_Video_Example

Television Commercials

Television is still the ultimate opportunity to share your brand, business, products or services with the nation and even the world - and now it’s more affordable then ever to get a top quality, broadcast ready Commercial. Here at Croft TV we have the expertise, experience and attention to detail to create your ideal Commercial to the highest possible standards, ready to share with the world!

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Viral_Video_Example


We've all seen them, the talking dog, 'Charlie Bit Me!' Gangnam Style and the sneezing panda. We're talking 'Virals'. So who makes a great Viral? In two words, ‘Croft Television’. Working with you, we will help develop your Viral ideas into a finished product. From script to screen, we will produce a Viral that can generate interest, enhance your customers’ experience and above all get your company noticed.


Click on the Portfolio image to view examples of all of our Video Production Services.


Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Photography_Service


Our camera work doesn’t just end with our Video Production Services. We also have a highly skilled stills photography team, all ready to take your promotional shots, product photography, evening events, awards nights and more. You name it… we do it. We can even handle all of the post work, right the way to the printing.                                                                           

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Translation_Service


Our translation service can be used for any language. Whether you want to subtitle, re-voice, dub or caption your video – we can organise and produce it all. We can even source any native speaking voice over artist from any country!                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Promotional Material

Croft TV also offers high quality promotional material including personlised USB’s, posters of any shapes and sizes, the design and production of full colour artwork for DVD box sets, Blu-ray disc covers and CD slip cases and also animated banners for your website. Croft TV really is your one-stop-shop for all of your multimedia needs.

Video Production Services - Croft TV Berkshire Duplication_Service


We offer a quick and reliable replication and duplication service for CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-rays and USB Flash Drives with no limit on the amount we can produce. We can even organise all of your printing and packaging needs.                                                                                                                                                                                         

USB Duplication

Branded USB sticks are an excellent source of promotional material and are great for business events such as trade shows. They allow you to leave a physical reminder of your business or company with a client or customer and as everyone has a use for a USB you know they won't just be chucked in a draw! Click here for more information and get a FREE QUOTE now!                                                                                       

Web Banners

Advertise online pain free with a Croft Television Web Banner. Specialising in HTML5, we can create an advertisement specific to you and your business, that can be played on all web browsers. We will work with you from the concept stage all the way through to the creation of the final banners, in the format and sizing of your choice. Contact us today!

Website Design and Creation

As a one-stop-shop for all of your media needs, we even have a web design and construction team. We tailor-make beautiful, simple and modern websites to work on any type of display. The criterion is limitless and can extend from a modest one page website all the way to an e-commerce store. Click the Web Design image or here to find out more about the web services we provide.                      


Need an illustration for a poster, leaflet or other promotional/instructional material. Croft TV has an in-house illustrator that will work with you every step of the way!